Al Muhsineen Summer Camp

Summer Weeks

Summer weeks filled with hands-on Islamic education, fun activities, and lessons to assist kids understand diverse Islamic topics. We provide campers the opportunity to set goals and challenge themselves while learning about their unique skills and abilities through the lens of Islam, and we make sure that every child has a good time. A range of enrichment activities, guided by qualified instructors, are available during the camp, including:

There are numerous enrichment activities that help them enhance their abilities while having fun with their fellow campers and adding variety to their experience.

The summer camp invites children over the age of twelve, as we have developed a unique curriculum for them, which is taught through lessons that implant lifelong Islamic values in their character development and individual responsibility in everyday tasks in a safe environment.

We help polish their individual character, confidence, and acquire new talents through a variety of sports, seminars, interactive conversation, and experiments. If themes or issues such as physical intimacy or homosexuality are discussed in our Q&A session, parents must sign a waiver.

Each age group’s daily lessons and activities are planned separately, addressing their physical and spiritual needs. We invite specialists such as medical doctors and mental health professionals to speak with these young teenagers and provide expert advice on their concerns as they mature.

Throughout the summer, our campers see each day as a new and exciting journey that helps them to strengthen their Muslim identity!