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Class overview

The School Readiness program represents an important transition for our preschoolers as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey. At this pivotal juncture, our primary objective is to equip them with the foundational skills necessary to thrive in a school environment. Central to this endeavor is the development of essential literacy and numeracy skills.

In our School Readiness program, we prioritize the acquisition of fundamental literacy skills, including the recognition and mastery of three-letter words, phonetic blending, and comprehension. Through engaging activities and interactive learning experiences, children are encouraged to explore language in dynamic ways, fostering a love for reading and language acquisition.

Additionally, our curriculum emphasizes the mastery of numeracy concepts, empowering children to confidently navigate mathematical concepts from counting to 100, basic arithmetic operations, and problem-solving skills. Through hands-on activities and visual aids, children develop a solid understanding of numerical concepts, laying a strong foundation for future mathematical proficiency.

Beyond literacy and numeracy, our School Readiness program encompasses a broad spectrum of learning experiences designed to nurture children’s holistic development. From developing basic writing skills to exploring geographical concepts such as continents and planets, children are encouraged to engage with diverse subject areas that broaden their understanding of the world around them.

Moreover, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on social studies and community awareness, instilling in children a sense of belonging and responsibility towards their community. Through interactive lessons and collaborative projects, children learn about the importance of community involvement, civic responsibility, and the value of giving back to society.

In addition to academic pursuits, our School Readiness program recognizes the importance of play as a vital component of children’s learning and development. Through structured games and creative activities, children have the opportunity to apply their newfound skills in a fun and interactive setting, fostering creativity, imagination, and social interaction.

Overall, our School Readiness program is designed to provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience that prepares children for success in school and beyond. By fostering a love for learning, nurturing essential skills, and instilling values of citizenship and community engagement, we empower children to reach their full potential and become lifelong learners.

School Readiness

School Readiness: Equipping preschoolers aged 4 to 5 years old with essential academic and Islamic foundations for a successful transition to formal education.

  • Age
    3.5-5 Years
  • Size
    25 Students
  • Time:
    Regular Preschool Time
    9:00AM - 3:00PM

    Before And After care
    8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Pricing:

    $40 For Before And After Care
  • Pay Via
    Zelle / Venmo

Questions and answers

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What is the tuition policy for extended leaves or travel?

Our leave of absence policy covers situations where families need to take extended leaves. Please refer to our Leave of Absence Policy for detailed information. In summary, when a leave of absence is taken for two weeks or more, tuition is reduced to 50%, provided that the school is notified in advance with a minimum of two weeks' notice or one month's notice. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in full tuition for the subsequent month.

Is there a minimum enrollment requirement for preschool?

Yes, the minimum enrollment requirement is three days for part-time enrollment. Our part-time options are available for either nine to one or nine to three, with a minimum of three days per week considered part-time enrollment.

Do you provide hot meals for children?

Currently, we do not offer hot meals. However, we provide morning snacks. Parents are encouraged to pack lunch for their children, especially if they have dietary preferences or restrictions. While we have a menu for morning snacks, we do not offer substitutions.

How do you address challenging behavior in children?

At Creative Hearts, we approach challenging behavior with love, compassion, and understanding. We do not believe in punishment or timeouts. Instead, children are redirected and offered a "thinking spot" within the classroom where they can calm themselves with quiet activities. If a pattern of behavior persists, parents are notified, and a meeting is arranged. Bullying is taken seriously, and our teachers are trained to address it with kindness and understanding, involving parents as necessary. We prioritize problem-solving and communication over punitive measures.

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