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Our passion & heartfelt dedication is nurturing creativity and faith.

At The Creative Hearts, we believe that children experience the deepest and most genuine learning when they are having fun. Our preschool is designed to provide a well-rounded experience, ensuring that children develop confidence in their Muslim identity while benefiting from a balanced Islamic and school readiness curriculum.

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Our Approach

Designing Bright Horizons, Grounded in Faith

The teaching approach aspires to go beyond this in order to correctly impart the Quran's essence, principles, and comprehensive lessons. “As for those who struggle in our cause, we will surely guide them along our way. And Allah is certainly with the good-doers” (Al-Ankabut: 69). At Creative Hearts All areas of the student's academic, psychological, social, and spiritual lives are nurtured and guided while being balanced among the various sciences.

Faith-Centered Learning

Excellence in Education

Inclusive Community

Continuous Growth

Our Vision And Mission

Our vision is to provide an Islamic environment where children flourish

Play to learn

Where curiosity sparks and knowledge grows

Inclusive Community

Every child feels welcome and supported

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We provide a nurturing environment where children flourish, develop a love for learning, and embrace their unique potential.

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Questions and answers

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What is the tuition policy for extended leaves or travel?

Our leave of absence policy covers situations where families need to take extended leaves. Please refer to our Leave of Absence Policy for detailed information. In summary, when a leave of absence is taken for two weeks or more, tuition is reduced to 50%, provided that the school is notified in advance with a minimum of two weeks' notice or one month's notice. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in full tuition for the subsequent month.

Is there a minimum enrollment requirement for preschool?

Yes, the minimum enrollment requirement is three days for part-time enrollment. Our part-time options are available for either nine to one or nine to three, with a minimum of three days per week considered part-time enrollment.

Do you provide hot meals for children?

Currently, we do not offer hot meals. However, we provide morning snacks. Parents are encouraged to pack lunch for their children, especially if they have dietary preferences or restrictions. While we have a menu for morning snacks, we do not offer substitutions.

How do you address challenging behavior in children?

At Creative Hearts, we approach challenging behavior with love, compassion, and understanding. We do not believe in punishment or timeouts. Instead, children are redirected and offered a "thinking spot" within the classroom where they can calm themselves with quiet activities. If a pattern of behavior persists, parents are notified, and a meeting is arranged. Bullying is taken seriously, and our teachers are trained to address it with kindness and understanding, involving parents as necessary. We prioritize problem-solving and communication over punitive measures.

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