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” Striving for Excellence in Worship and Dealings with Allah’s Creation “

Mission & Vision

AlMuhsineen Programs strive to provide an Islamic education which highlights religious and moral goals using methods, religious tools and techniques to Instill the Love for Allah (swt) and HIS creation. It strives to instill the concept of ambassadorship Allah has bestowed on us to be Khalifah’s of this earth. To define a purpose in life which prioritizes their relation with the Creator with a fortified creed. The teaching technique aims to extend this approach to truly reflect the spirit, thoughts, and comprehensive teachings in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The curriculum is selected to nurture the development and guidance of all aspects of the student’s intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual life. Being balanced among the various sciences contained within the curriculum.

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Creative Hearts Islamic Preschool

Learning Philosophy

Children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun. Creative Hearts Islamic Preschool is designed to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure children develop confidence in their muslim identity while benfitting from a balanced islamic and school readiness curriculum. . Our Montessori teaching philosophy nurtures a learning space which aims to develop a child's physical, intellectual and spiritual powers to the fullest. Our curriculum is designed to instill the seed of the love and understanding of our CREATOR. Taking inspirations from the many magnificent names of Allah, children are surrounded with lessons relaying that intellect, physical and emotional faculties are all blessings of Allah. Our goal is to use those faculties to please and serve HIM and HIM Alone!!


Creative Hearts Preschool Program

Families will be offered a full time and part time preschool option starting fall 2021, Classroom will be setup during the week for preschool sessions and will be cleared away for sunday school classes. Liability forms will be signed by all families for all enrolled children, excusing NWICC of any liability in case of injury, illness, loss of property or death. All SOPs will be followed, safety procedure documentation will be shared with the board. Licensed preschool curriculum will be taught for school readiness. Families will be informed of all details via zoom Parent Orientation.

Happy Parents

Parents recommends our learning process and how we convey not only the education but also the values to the children.

This was the first year my daughter attended the Al-Muhsineen camp. Ariana loved it so much. She was excited to go every day. The program had variety of activities every day from science, art work, practicing good eating habits, and very useful talks and discussions suitable for each age group. Ms. Nausheen is a great and compassionate teacher who cares so much about each and every kid and my daughter learned a lot of religious practices from her. She learned how to make vozoo and learned sureh Fateheh and is proudly recite it every day. I’m glad she went to the camp and I strongly recommend it to every one
MIno Shams recommends AlMuhsineen Programs
Sister Nausheen is an exceptional leader. She is intentional about every aspect of this camp from the set up, the activities and curriculum and the culture and climate for the students. My daughter is 8 years old and is learning, making new friends and comes home everyday saying her day was a 9 or 10. I am noticing how much more proud she is about her Muslim Identity. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
Suzan Samaha recommends Al-Muhsineen Summer Camp. June 20, 2019