Creative Hearts Islamic Preschool

Learning Philosophy

Creative Hearts Islamic Preschool is designed to give children a well-rounded experience by allowing them to have fun while learning in the most authentic way possible, allowing them to develop confidence in their Muslim identity while also providing a balanced Islamic and school readiness curriculum. Our Montessori teaching philosophy encourages a learning environment that fosters a child's physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Our curriculum is intended to plant the seeds of love and understanding for our creator. Children are surrounded by lessons that teach them that their mental, physical, and emotional faculties are all gifts from Allah, and that they can draw inspiration from Allah's numerous lovely names. With those abilities, our sole aim is to please and serve him.

Creative Hearts Preschool Program

  • Beginning in Fall 2021, families will be able to choose between full-time and part-time preschool options. During the week, the classroom will be set up for preschool programs and then cleared out for Sunday school lessons.
  • All families will sign liability agreements for all enrolled children, releasing NWICC from any liability in the event of injury, illness, property loss, or death. All SOPs shall be followed, and documentation of safety procedures will be provided with the board.
  • School preparedness will be taught using a licensed preschool curriculum. All details will be communicated to families via Zoom Parent Orientation.