Muslim Student Association

  • Muslim students and alumni were assisted by the Muslim Student Association in establishing, developing, and maintaining Muslim Student Association principals. Love for our Creator and our kin is our most important desire, Islamic Knowledge precedes our activity as they become acquainted with the balance of Deen and Dunya, sincerity is the sign of our discourse and with learning about the pillars of our faith, sincerity is the cornerstone of our existence.
  • Students’ spiritual, religious, social, and civic development and well-being are prioritized. The primary goal of this organization is to provide a safe environment in which all Muslim students can grow closer to God and their community.

Minnetonka Student Association

  • The Minnetonka Student Association, established two years prior at Minnetonka Middle School East, accepts variety in the school while uniting the student body through group discussions and basketball while helping Muslims or non-Muslims, who struggled with bullying or inclusion at the school.
  • During group talks, it became clear that many Muslim students face emotional and physical bullying from bullies. Giving Muslim pupils pork, luring them with food while they were fasting during Ramadan, and making fun of their appearance or clothes were all examples of bullying. School, religion, bullying, and general sharing of how students are feeling, how to manage circumstances more successfully, and how their actions may affect others are common topics for group conversations.
  • The non-Muslim students also have a chance to observe the Muslim students praying. The five-minute prayer after school is included in the group to provide for the needs of the Muslim students. The gathering urges students to interface through confidence as well as their inclinations including school, sports, films, books and music.
  • The program has also extended to Eden Prairie High School. Nausheen Malik said she’s keen on extending the program and anticipates working with neighborhood school areas. Last year, she was granted the City of Eden Prairie’s yearly variety grant for beginning a comparable program for Eden Prairie understudies at a neighborhood mosque. She likewise directs racial awareness coaching for Minnetonka Public Schools’ instructors and staff individuals.